Fuse grand scale illusion with a dance spectacular from the world of Broadway, Tap, Ballroom, Jazz and Celtic and you have the magic of ECLIPSE, an evening that will take your breath away. Produced by Emmy® nominated singer - producer and PBS star, Michael Londra, with a Cirque inspired musical score created by Grammy® nominated Steve Skinner (arranger of Broadway's RENT).

The show creates a brand new art form that is a visual feast, with gorgeous orchestral pieces, beautiful voices singing to dancers who present the wonder of illusions that suspend belief, led by illusionist - dancer, Anthony Street, a lead performer in Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. With a team of acrobats and dancers from all genres, voices from around the world, a spectacular array of costumes and a top notch production team, Anthony mixes the art of magic and music into the story that the dance pieces tell.