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Shawn has performed in venues all across the United States, and continues to make fans wherever he goes. Shawn has an addicting personality about his persona, that makes him who he is. Above all else, is a huge passion for music. That being said, Garth Brooks was his biggest influence in music growing up. What better performer to immulate. His music continues to inspire!!      

Shawn's band delivers an authentic, polished Garth sound. For almost a decade, fellow members Steve Purcell (Lead Guitar, Mandolin), Richard " Doc" Barzee (Steel Guitar), Ronnie Lutrick (Bass,BGV), Adrian Flores (Drums, Percussion), Bobby Napier (Fiddle,Acoustic/BGV), Ray Whitlock (Keyboards/BGV). The band members that were chosen, were hand picked by their incredible talent. They are a perfect fit. "I'm nothing without my band," Shawn said. "I'm truly blessed to work with such gifted, dedicated musicians."       

"You go on the road and make great music... You make people smile.. The worlds second oldest profession.. From Beethoven to the beatles... Sinatra to Brooks... Melodic messengers.. I am honored to be given the Chance to join them. Being true to the music" - Shawn Gerhard

Have any questions or wanting to book? Please reach out to Melissa Grayson.


P: 615-636-4929